The most important advantages of rearing Tilapia

• Raising Tilapias successfully is simple and does not require a lot of money nor experience.
• Tilapia can be reared in small ponds (200 – 400 m2) of about 1m deep.
• Boats or large seine nets are not needed for the harvest of small Tilapia ponds.
• Tilapias are omnivorous, their food varying from kitchen waste to cottonseed cake. Algae are their staple food.
• Tilapias reproduce rapidly and there is never a shortage of small fingerlings for stocking
   the next rearing cycle, or for helping out an interested neighbour.
• Under proper management, small fishponds of 20 m x 10 m may yield at least 100 kgs of Tilapia per year.
• Tilapias taste good, especially when deep-fried. Their nutritional value is comparable to that of beef
  (100 cal. And 20 g protein per 100 g Tilapia).
• Diseases in small-scale Tilapia ponds are extremely rare.

The construction of a small-scale fishpond for tilapia harvesting

How can more people enrich their diets with Tilapia?

Once the fishpond has been constructed, the rearing of Tilapia becomes easy. Using manure or other farm by-products, which are not fit for human consumption, stimulate the growth of algae. Tilapias feed well and grow fast on a diet of algae. Fishpond projects can also be integrated with small-scale vegetable-garden projects, where irrigation water is often available for a couple of hours every day.

People in the “Third World” must improve their own situation in order to develop themselves, and that is exactly what they want to do. Many start enthusiastically, digging their pond “by hand.” However, this is not as easy as it may seem at first glance, as in some tropical countries the soil has to be cut loose by axe first. Sometimes financial assistance is required in order to start these people off properly, but in the end, this is something that has to be done in order for them to succeed on their own.


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